Kennewick police are seeking these two suspects in connection with their stealing a number of items from the Ranch and Home store on Columbia Center Boulevard Tuesday.  Anyone who shoplifts is fair game, hence the title of our story!

The two were captured on closed circuit cameras, and police were alerted. No word was given if theft prevention officers were able to confront them, but anyone with any information is asked to call Kennewick police, the non-emergency dispatch number at (509)-628-0333.

According to comments made on social media, one poster said they recognized the two suspects from reportedly being at the Get Air trampoline park earlier in the day. This person said you have to sign in and provide some sort of ID to play, so it could be police might have an early lead on their identity.

If all goes well, the person wearing the hat, and their accomplice, WILL 'get bit' by police.