A drug cartel has been using a YouTube music video to promote selling drugs, but now arrests have been made. Portland authorities have arrested at least two suspects connected to the drug cartel video with more expected according to news reports. The cartel was using the video (which you can watch below) to promote the cartel and increase business. The videos are called narco corridos in spanish.


The men that are wanted in the indictment are Francisco Nuno-Urenda; Jose Octavio-Gonzalez; Pablo Ernesto Torres-Zavala, Ricardo Lopez, also known as "Cholo," Oscar Gutierrez, known as "DJ Mundo,'' Perla Rubio Valdez, Enrique Guerrero-Salazar; Angelica Maria Guerrero-Salazar, , Catalina Ortega-Moreno and Fabiola Ortiz, also known as "Fabi". There are other names that were omitted probably because authorities are still trying to make more arrests.