I awoke Sunday to a winter white wonderland of snow. It was so lovely I decided to bundle up, take a walk, and get some pretty photos of my freshly frosted neighborhood. Little did I know, that I would come across two not so bright, but very lucky individuals. I live near the mighty Columbia River and while it may not seem to be rushing very fast, it is! A frozen crust of ice formed over the surface of the river, which is pretty for photos, but not for taking a walk!  While taking pics of the iced river I caught a glimpse of two people walking on the river!

I thought I was crazy, but nope, not crazy, (well I wasn't crazy) but they were!! Even under the frozen crust that has formed, the water is rushing quickly, AND they had no way to know if the ice was thick enough to hold their weight! I had to get a video of these two on the ice mostly out of sheer amazement, but the whole time I was thinking, "Crap, if they fall through, I'm going to have to go help!" Which I would have done, but would NOT have been happy about. The clincher, they were two GROWN men. Not little kids messing around, but fully grown adult males. There have even been warnings issued to make sure people stay off the ice! Check out the video and I hope this goes without saying but DO NO DO THIS!