When we are in Disneyland last week, one of the things we always watch is the Jedi Training Academy. They take a bunch of kids, give them light sabers and hold a class on stage teaching the kids how to be Jedi. At the end of the class, some of the kids get to fight Darth Vader which is cool but this year they have made it even better.

Darth Vader came out like always but then Darth Maul came out after him. Not just any ol Darth Maul, but this guy looked and acted like the real Darth Maul. His flips and light saber skills were just like the real Maul in the movies. All the kids recognized how genuine he was because they were all scared stiff of him. He would prowl around and snarl at kids and then they would take off and run away. I saw probably 10 kids run away some of them screaming and crying. It was glorious.