I generally believe YouTube (since 2008) is a waste of time and server space.

Dumb channels of people documenting their days. I'm looking at you, CTFxC.

People with opinions, people that don't help their kids because they're too busy recording, people with opinions, stupid sketch comedians, people egging their kids on for a funny video, people with opinions, people trying to go viral, people recording their televisions with a phone, YouTube "celebrities", bad covers, people with opinions, Jenna Marbles, Smosh, people without lives, little kids with opinions. The suck is so much.


My freshman year of high school, Liam Kyle Sullivan was tearing it up with his sketch videos/music videos of his character Kelly, your "typical" white suburban teen girl.

Sullivan also plays the twin brother, father, and in other videos, the grandmother.

I love this video, it has brought me back many laughs. By the way, this is where the use of the word "betch" originates.

The growing pains are so real as teen girl Kelly has to fight the uphill battle of trying to "get what I want." In her way? Her Bible-thumping parents who favor her twin brother. "What did you expect? Condams?"

Let's get some shoes, you deck, or I'm gonna betchslap you, shethead.