I wake up in the morning. I get ready for work. And a few times a week I splurge and get myself some Starbucks. I have the same order almost every time, so I know the exact cost. So this morning I had a rude awakening as my order went up by 40 cents! When I asked the barista why my order was more (I was thinking she typed something in the system wrong) she informed the that prices just went up.

Yes, Starbucks fans, they raised the cost of several beverages. While they say that 65% of the drinks stayed the same, chances are, your fave went up by 10-30 cents! Yes, that doesn't seem like much, but Starbucks will be seeing some big  money going their way, assuming people keep up the frequency of the trips, and don't alter their orders.They say it's to keep up with the cost of business, and that makes sense. But myself, I think I'll be cutting back. What about you? Do you think it's a big deal, or will you still order the same thing?