This story is CRAZY! It's about a family in the Puget Sound area where the mom was pregnant with twins but one wasn't doing well.

The doctors in Kirkland, WA, decided to do a really rare procedure and deliver JUST ONE baby prematurely.

Baby Link was born just one pound only 23 weeks into the pregnancy, but is doing well. Doctors were hoping his brother would stay in FOUR MORE MONTHS! But instead, he was also born premature last week.

So instead of being 4 months apart, they're only 18 days apart.

But if you know any twins, they're pretty adamant about which is older. In this family, Baby Link won't ever have to defend his designation!

Reminds me of that Bible story with Isaac and Esau. Didn't one of their feet come out first, but then the other's head came out next? They couldn't decide who was oldest?