Newly-elected Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond (formerly Captain Raymond of the Pasco PD) ignored a court order and is proud of it. Should he be able to do that?

Last month a court ordered Raymond to allow an inmate out on work release. The inmate was a sex offender but the crime had nothing to do with his work as a security guard at a local mall. So a judge ordered the prison to let the man out on special conditions, and Raymond ignored the order because he doesn't want sex offenders out on work release.

Agree: Raymond gets to set the policies of the program since he oversees the prisons and the treatment of prisoners. He doesn't want sex offenders back on the streets in order to protect the public. The judge can make an order but he gets to decide how to execute it. That's why he's called the executive branch.

Disagree: The checks and balances in government don't allow for one branch to ignore the other. If he had a problem with the court's order, or felt it violated his policy, he should have contacted the courts, not ignored them. Most importantly, courts are in charge of sentencing prisoners and the inmate was sentenced to jail time with work release. Work release allows prisoners to pay the legal obligations related to their crimes.

What do YOU think?