Most huge fans of football who go to regular games have superstitious habits... things we do that we believe help our team win.You have certain clothes you wear, you buy certain food, you do certain things. The guy I go to games with and I ALWAYS stop at North Bend and go inside the Safeway -- even if we have nothing to buy -- because it's bad luck not to. The only game we didn't do it was the only game the Seahawks lost at home in two seasons.

Now to the "meat" of the story.

Sunday at halftime Seattle was behind 10-3 to San Francisco. Everyone around me was trying to figure out what they didn't do that week. What habit, what weekly superstition was missing?

Out of the blue the couple behind us screams, "We haven't done our funny face picture!"

For those who don't know, it's a tradition I started a long time ago to cheer my daughter up while I was away from home at the game. We send funny face photos back and forth to each other.

I about slapped myself for being so stupid.

I grabbed my phone, we all made our best funny faces (while enjoying our "Beast" burgers) and I sent it to my wife with less than 10 percent of my battery left.

It errors out and doesn't go through! I'm freaking. I try it again... and it goes through!

Then my phone shuts off.

Almost immediately, the 4th and 7 play happens and Seahawks score and tie the game -- it was literally 30 seconds after we sent the funny face photo.

After that it was smooth sailing and Seahawks won and we're going to the Super Bowl.

Deep down in my superstitious fan mind I have to give the funny photo credit for changing the game and sending the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.