Last week I took just my daughter to Disneyland for our first Daddy/Daughter Day and it was amazing! Normally hour long waits for rides with a four year old is not a recipe for success but she surprised me. We spent almost twelve hours straight in the park with no naps and had the best time ever.

It was Thanksgiving week and all the schools in LA were already out on vacation so the park was busier then I had ever seen it. My daughter didn't mind the wait at all and just made friends with people every time we were in line. Maybe I am just a lucky Dad, but she never complained or whined once. One thing that I did to help with line boredom was to get a snack we could eat and split right before. One of our favorites was a Minute Maid frozen lemonade cup but anything would work.

Honestly it was the best time I have ever had at Disneyland and if you have a daughter like mine, you'll have to make your own plans for daddy/daughter day!