A trio of crashes and car fire kept Kennewick Police tied up over the last 24 hours.

Tuesday evening, A multi-car crash near Columbia Center Boulevard and Quinault snarled traffic for some time as cars were untangled. Fortunately, there were no injuries. Police didn't say who triggered what or how it occurred.

Then Wednesday evening, another non-injury incident near Canal and Edison also held up cars for some time. This intersection has seen it's fair share of crashes.

CC boulevard crash (KPD)
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Later Wednesday evening, fire crews responded to the area of West 2nd. Ave. and South Green Street and found a car on fire. No word if any injuries, or how it started, but it sent quite the plume of smoke into the sky.

vehicle fire (KPD)

Police blocked off the area until it could be put out.

These rashes of crashes remind drivers to be patient, not run red lights, and not take chances. More and more in our region, with the growth and increased traffic, we are seeing people take risks they really shouldn't be taking.

Be safe out there!

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