Today I read a story from about a Costco customer that refused to let the door guard check his receipt. The guard physically detained him and kicked the customers leg breaking it in multiple places. Now the customer is suing Costco for $670,000. Even though Costco has checking receipts policies on the membership details that every customer signs, do they have the right to physically detain you if you do not comply?

Honestly, I can't believe I have never thought about this situation before. I am the type of guy that gets in line and lets them check every time because I have nothing to hide. But now I am questioning does Costco have the right to search and detain. People arguing for the side of the customer argue it violates privacy laws in the 4th Amendment. Costco says they have the right to search you because all members sign that right away.

I think a quote from the customers lawyer, Clayton Morrison, says it best. "The central issue in the case is ... ’What can Costco lawfully do? ... Can they actually stop you and take your property from you?’ Our answer is ‘No,’”

I personally agree with him, but what do you think? Should Costco be able to stop you and take your property from you if you legally buy it?