DO you clean and scrape or not (Townsquare media)

it's an age-old debate. Let's add to it!

Some people don't like cleaning their barbeque until the end of the season, if that. They say all that burned-on stuff adds flavor. Besides, a lot of it burns off anyway.

Others say the stuff left on the grill catches fire and adds flames to whatever you're cooking.

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Then there are those who say it's gross to not clean it between uses. Some believe you're just being lazy if you don't scrub and clean. After all, that's why stores sell those bristle brushes to clean the grill.

Townsquare media

What do you do?  According to some cooking experts, not cleaning the grill exposes what you are cooking to old burned food smoke, which they say can add a taste to the food, but sometimes it's not bad.

From a sanitary point of view, it's moot.  Barbeques throw up a tremendous amount of heat and flame, which vaporizes any kind of germs that may be left on the surface when you are cooking. So it appears to be a preference of taste. We looked up some sources on this one, and due to heat and flames, yes, they sanitize the surface.

By the way, some people sanitize their utensils by sticking them between the bars of the grill, and hold the blades and tongs up to the gas jets where the blue flame is.  The preference is up to you.

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