If you haven't heard Cam Newtons Madden challenge to Richard Sherman, then you have to watch it below. I am a Seahawk fan and have been for over 30 years but I do love Cam Newton as a player and person. I think he has always acted with class and character as an NFL quarterback. Watching this video has made me even more of a fan of Cam and game me a great idea. 

Why not have the top two voted players for the Madden cover, every year play a game of Madden against each other for the right to be on the cover. They can call it the Madden cover 'Super Bowl', and televise it just like a regular game. The winner gets to be on that years cover of Madden instead of fans voting them on. I like the idea of fans still voting to get to the top two players, but then the players decide.

Even this year, where I think Cam obviously has the edge on Sherman I would love to see it. Mostly because I think Sherm may surprise some people and actually beat Cam, just like in real life. Either way it becomes much more of an event and it would add a little something extra meaning for being on the cover.

It only makes sense that the the player on the cover of Madden should also be good at the game don't you think?