Halloween is gone, Thanksgiving is done, so we can officially get ready for Christmas! Time to break out the holly, hang the stockings, and get that centerpiece of the season: your Christmas tree! If you want a fresh tree, it can be tricky (and spendy) to find them here.

Being a Portland girl, I'm not used to not being able to go anywhere to get a tree including a number of tree farms super-close by. Here in the Tri-Cities, we gotta work for our trees! So I did a little research and asked around. Here's a list of some places to get your real live tree! Merry Christmas!

LifeQuest Fitness on Road 68,
Behind Mathews Dental on Clearwater
In front of Ace on Keene
Cut your own off Glade road and Fir outside of Pasco
Fred Meyer on 10th in Kennewick