Tis the season for great holiday films like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Scrooged, and more! But it's also time for movies that were set during Christmas time, that aren't really about Christmas at all. Here's a list of some classics to re-watch, and suggestions for you to check out! Ho Ho Ho.....

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    Edward Scissorhands

    Though summer is when Edward creates his most amazing lawn art, the main magic of this film happens around Christmas time. Tim Burton loves Christmas in his on dark and kind of creepy way. This is definitely one of Johnny Depp's best. Watch it again!

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    Remember the rules: don't put them in water and DON'T feed them after midnight. Simple enough right? This classic 80s film is set during Christmas, and is fun for everyone in the family. If your kids haven't seen it yet, they totally should. They'll want their own Gizmo (like we all did).

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    Trading Places

    Social commentary is best when served up by comedians. Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd are hilarious in this 80s classic in a rich man/poor man swap! If you haven't seen this one, I highly recommend! Dan makes an excellent drunken Santa. You'll see what I mean!


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    Lethal Weapon

    Mel Gibson and Danny Glover define the buddy cop movie in Lethal Weapon. It's easy to forget that this one was set during Christmas time. Gotta love a little action with your egg nog. Cheers!


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    In Bruges

    This movie is SO underrated. It's a dark comedy about two hit men banished to Bruges, Belgium (a town that has been preserved in its medieval state), while they wait for instructions from their boss. NOT for kids, but great for adults with dark senses of humor. This may be my fave movie on the list. Enjoy!

  • 6

    Batman Returns

    I miss the days of Tim Burton Batmans. In my opinion, they're the best. Whether you agree with me or not, you have to agree that this dark tale of the caped crusader with Danny DeVito as Penguin is legit. Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman!? Win!

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    Teen movies are my weakness. This 90s cult classic is a perfect non-Christmas movie with appearances from pretty amazing actors! Live or re-live the 90s rave scene with this movie following the accounts of one incredible night by various characters- all messed up in their own special ways.

  • 8

    Die Hard

    Yippie Kai Yay....*&%@*%)#!

    Enough said. Merry Christmas.

    Ho Ho Ho