If you have been to a Seahawks game but have never tailgated before, you are missing out! There are some great people to meet, food to eat, and stuff to drink all over. You can party just about everywhere but here are four places that I think are some of the best on game day.

Courtesy of Google Maps

ZONE 1 - HAWK ALLEY is probably the headquarters for all of Seahawk tailgaters. It is located just south west of Centurylink Field  on Utah street and is one place you have to go both for the food and the people. The famed "Beast Bus" is right in the center of the action and your almost guaranteed to see famous Super Fans and old players stopping by. You can also eat amazing BBQ for a very small fee (I think $15 or $20) you can join in the feast and help out a local charity.

is another great place to go tailgate, although it is indoors so technically it is not tailgating. They have lots to see and do and have great deals on food and drink like $3 hot dogs and $5 beers. They have TV  and radio stations broadcasting live before the game and have lots for the kids like face painting, the NFL zone, and special meet and greets. Keep a look out for Blitz and Boom because they show up often.

ZONE 3 - OCCIDENTAL AVENUE is the street bordering Centurylink field and is another good place to tailgate. The tailgating is in the parking lots next to the street but they have some great parties and I always seem to get invited for Jello shots when I walk buy. It is also a great place to mill around and talk to other Hawks fans before the game.

ZONE 4 - KING STREET BAR AND OVEN is the place to go if you want to meet up with Seahawks Super Fans. Not only do the Hawks fans go there, but you'll usually see other Super Fans from the visiting team that week as well. It is always packed so be prepared for lines to get a beer. I have been there many times and always had a blast.

Have a great time if you are going this weekend and stay safe! Go Hawks!