While most people are getting ready for Back-to-School the Tri-Cities Scaregrounds are getting ready for Back-to-Haunt. Thousands of hours are put into planning, building, auditions, administration, costumes, graphic design, lighting, electric and more. The end product was fantastic last year, but this year is going to be even more crazy. With 5 different haunts (4 walk-through and 1 paintball experience), the amount of work to be done is insane!

The good news is the team behind the haunt is incredibly passionate about becoming the best haunted attraction in the NW. And while working hard, we have a blast! This year we knew we had to bring it even bigger and better, and by stating early and learning from successes (and failures) from last year, the Scaregrounds crew are already ahead of the game.

Check out some fun behind-the-scenes fun from this year so far, and keep your eyes on the Scaregrounds Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more fun as they go along and during the haunt season! The Scaregrounds open September 30 and run through Halloween. Prices, online ticket sales, and more updates to come soon! Happy haunting!!!