Barbie. The doll who's famous around the world has a new profile photo. And already the nay-sayers are all over it. Earlier today the Barbie Facebook page updated the page's profile photo to reveal an ethnically ambiguous doll. The comments are already flooded with comments ranging from a simple "cute," to racially charged disapproval.

 ~My daughter has this Barbie and she loves it! Ambiguous ethnicity, her eyes and hair are gorgeous. Yay for Mattel making Barbies more children can identify with!


~Multi ethnic freckled Barbie for the win!


~Kind of sad that barbie is changing the way she looks to fit into societies standards.
You were beautiful the wah ypu were barbie.


~Black barbie? There's already one


~half black barbie?


~Love this picture, my daughter is 6 and she was just complaining about her freckles this is so going to make her day

The iconic doll has not only had many facial and body changes since her inception, but she has had a myriad of jobs, tons of friends of all races, and continues to change with the word around her. So what's the big deal? The ironic thing about the doll pictured, is that she's not even Barbie! She's one of Barbie's friends in the Fashionistas Collection which features all different colors or Barbie with their own style. What do you think? Do you like this new doll, or do you think Barbie should stay more "traditional"?