Many cities have tried handing homeless people bus tickets to other cities. Anchorage, Alaska, is considering something similar. It wants to send its alcoholics to Seattle. Good or bad idea?

There's a specific hospital in Seattle with a controversial alcoholism treatment method. It is so extreme it has serious critics, but the hospital claims a 70 percent success rate and anecdotally it has big fans.

The mayor of Anchorage says alcoholics cost the city millions in law enforcement, emergency rooms, social workers, parole officers and more. If a plane ticket to Seattle and a few thousand for rehab cures them, it would save the city big in the long term.

The mayor read an article about the hospital in Alaska Airlines Magazine while on a flight.

Believe it or not, Puerto Rico adopted a similar plan and sent drug addicts to Chicago. But the rehab center in Chicago wasn't even licensed and the city didn't know Puerto Rico was doing this! People who dropped out of the program ended up homeless and were not discovered until a journalist realized how many homeless Puerto Ricans they were running into.