The holiday season is here and that means a lot of back and forth travel to the WSU Pullman campus. Most students will head west and use State Route 26 to get to I-90 or Hwy 395 to return home. State Route 26 and 195 are considered very dangerous and deadly. Over 55 people have died on these highways over the last 13 years and hundreds of others have been seriously injured.

The most common cause of accidents is speed, being sleepy, and texting.  All it takes is a quick glance to check a message, to become a statistic, so the Washington State Department of Transportation decided to put up some signs to remind drivers (specifically WSU students) to focus on the road. Along with the WSDOT, the Washington State Patrol will have emphasis patrols through the holiday weekend. The messages below are light-hearted, yet very serious, and strategically placed along the highway for college students.

Photo: WSDOT













Photo: WSDOT







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