I heard that there was a new movie theater coming to the Tri-Cities and that it would serve dinner, I got excited. This is the next hot thing in movie theaters and they are going to build one in the Queensgate area. The details are slim right now but I checked out a few different places already doing it, here is what I found.

I first heard about this from a story in the Tri-City Herald, but the story doesn't give many details so I started looking around on the net for possible options. AMC has multiple options for their 'Dine-In' theaters from servers that bring Pub style food that you eat on trays, to a full VIP booth with a high class menu and dining. They were the first thing that came up when I was searching for information and it was impressive. I have been to a lot of AMC theaters and they always seem to be on the cutting edge of the industry. I will be a regular if this is what is coming to the Tri-Cities.

There are a group of six different theaters in the Seattle area that are all adopting this same business plan with great success. The one thing that almost all have in common is they serving alcohol to people over the age of 21. Finally you can go enjoy both a movie and a drink at the same time. That will be a game changer for local theaters in my opinion and I am surprised that it took this long. Order a beer when you first get there and you should be plenty sober by the time the movie ends, especially with a full stomach.

I would not be surprised if all three existing theater add most of these options to compete because they are going to need too if they want to survive. Even though it looks like it could be a while till it opens, this is still an exciting time for people that love to go to movies. If they do it right, it's going to make going to movies in Tri-Cities much more easy,fun, and comfortable.