Rumors have been flying saying Justin Bieber is sick of Los Angeles and wants to move somewhere he can own cows and chickens. Some suggest he's looking at the Pacific Northwest. We think he should move to the Tri-Cities and here's why...

  1.  The Columbia River (specifically the "Mud Hole") -- Bieber would love it there.
  2.  Real Estate is booming in Tri-Cities!
  3. Tons of night life and bar hopping. I know he'd love hanging out with Mr. Kimo.
  4. Lots of wide open space to drive sports cars at ridiculous speeds.
  5. He looks good in blue. Mariners, Seahawks and Sounders colors would become him.
  6. Bieber would absolutely love this castle for sale. It's got 7,000 square feet!
  7. If that isn't big enough for him, I think this 11,000-square-foot home is still for sale!