One of my favorite things about late summer is the sunsets. Ideally, a great spot to watch one will be somewhere you can finish off a hike, or cast a line, or make out, or enjoy a meal... maybe all the above!

  • 1

    Geisa Stadium

    There's nothing like watching a Dust Devils game and seeing the colors and shadows splash across the region.

  • 2

    Bateman Island Parking Lot

    It's such a great place to chill the city has even built a plaza to relax on while you watch sunsets. It's right next to great food, and Bateman is always a great place to take a walk.

  • 3

    Jump Off Joe

    When it was hard to get up there it was a favorite party spot. Now it's a beautiful vantage point to enjoy the Mid Columbia. Bring your own beverages, but this is my personal favorite for watching a sunset.

  • 4

    Rattlesnake Ridge

    Your access is limited to who you know, but this is the highest point in the Mid Columbia and therefore offers the best views.

  • 5

    Gazebo at Badger Mountain Community Park

    Let your dogs run, kids can climb the playground toys, then enjoy this unique view. It's a beautiful and under-appreciated park.

  • 6

    Badger Mountain

    The trail is easy to hike down at night, especially if you bring a flashlight. So maybe hike up there with some dinner or snacks and enjoy a special moment.

  • 7

    Clover Island

    All the restaurants there have decks, there is an attractive trail to walk around the island. It's a favorite place to take photos.