Sometimes, a movie and dinner is just too easy and typical. I came across this list of weird places to take your date, and these are places real people said they've gone on dates.  

  1. Cemetery: Just plain creepy! You can forget about a second date if this if the first place you want to go with me o_O
  2. Gay bar: Straight couple at a gay bar. Nothing wrong with that! Just don't lose your man somewhere in there.
  3. McDonalds: ……Drive through? Fine with me.
  4. Bug Zoo: Personally, I would prefer a real zoo. I'm not a fan bugs, they creep me out.
  5. Six Flags/Theme Park: Now this is a good idea for a first date! No doubt it'll be fun!
  6. Getting a massage together: Not my ideal first date because there wouldn't be much talking, but a for sure 4th or 5th date anytime!