What should I do after work the day after Christmas? I watched "The Interview"and I have a list of 5 things after watching it that you might believe to be really true but are not.

It is amazing how the new movie "the Interview" took the holidays by storm. It's the movie that "supposedly" made North Korea hack Sony Pictures and then make them pull it out of theaters. The end up releasing the film over many outlets on Christmas Day including YouTube and a few theaters. Even today I am not sure if the whole story is real or just an amazingly creative marketing ploy, but it worked because I watched it.

I thought it was great, but there are a lot of crazy things you might believe. These are some of the untrue things that you might have believed after watching it. {Warning Spoilers}

-Eminem is gay

-Kim Jong-un is a likable guy that can drive a tank and dunk a basketball, that is now dead.

-Seth Rogen now has a problem going number two sometimes.

-North Korea is full of big, heavy, red doors

-Seth Rogen will never ever play the piano or the guitar.