Throwing a Halloween party is not easy. If you have kids you will host at least one Halloween party in your life, so I have collected 5 of my favorite party games so your party can be a success!

1- Bobbing for Apples - This was one of my favorite's growing up and it is easy to do. Get a shallow bucket and fill it with water. Next put about 15 apples in the water and have the kids try and get the apples without using your hands. It is much harder then it looks.

2- Mystery Box - First collect all kinds of things that feel slimey and gross like a bowl of cold spagetti, peeled grapes (eyeballs), or jello. Then put the bowl in a box covered so the kids can't tell what it is and have them guess.

3- Pin Tail on Donkey - It doesn't have to be a donkey but the idea is the same. Have a large poster make of something that is missing a body part like a leg, arm, head, or tail. then have the kids try to stick the body part in the right spot when they are blind folded. Spin them first before you have them try.

4- Pumpkin Bowling - First grab some small pumpkins and ten ears of corn. Cut the ends of the corn so it stand up and use those for bowling pins. Use the small pumpkins as the bowling balls and play a regular game of bowling.

5- Skeleton Race - Either cut out or buy a full skeleton. Have the kids race down, grab a piece of the skeleton, and run back. The first team to complete a full skeleton wins. If you want to change it up, have them tie each piece to a person pickets to be the skeleton and have them race back when all the pieces are tied to them.

Happy Halloween!