If you are looking for Seahawks gear, the official pro shop at the stadium in a great place but you will pay top dollar and wait in long lines. Surprisingly there are quite a few places that sell Seahawks gear in the Northwest that is more reasonable priced and easier to get too.

  • 1

    Grocery Stores

    There is some great Seahawks gear near the front of lots of different grocery stores. I have found licensed stuff at Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Target, and Costco.

  • 2

    Bartells Drug Stores

    Yup, they have gear here also, just not all the time.

  • 3

    Old Navy

    Sure they only have t-shirts, but that is a start. At least they are cheap.

  • 4

    Occidental Ave Team Store

    This is the store right across from the stadium and they usually have better selection and prices, especially on game day.

  • 5

    Columbia Mall Just Sports

    They are they best place in town for official gear and jerseys without the drive out of the Tri Cities. They also carry a ton of gear from other teams if the Hawks aren't your thing. If you go in, tell them Aj from Hot 97.5 sent ya.