We waded through the good and the bad so you don't have to. Here are the five best ideas for making yourself look like a zombie with supplies you can find at RiteAid or a local beauty store.

  • 1

    Sexy Zombie Look

    Use lipstick, eye shadow and wax!!!

    ANYBODY could create this look with supplies from RiteAid!

  • 2

    Heavy Makeup Zombie

    Sponge and about six colors!

    I've never seen someone do SO MUCH with just a sponge! She works magic in this video. She has about six different colors she's using, and she places them on her wrist first for easy access. With enough patience and mixing of colors, I think this strategy is very doable.

  • 3

    The Toilet Paper Zombie

    You're not going to believe this!

    First she applies makeup, then a single ply of toilet paper. She ruffs it up and paints over it, then applies makeup and fake blood to make it appear as rotting flesh! BRILLIANT!

  • 4

    Toilet Paper + Liquid Latex

    This woman steps it up!

    First watch her apply the makeup. If that's all you want to do, you'll still look great. But she also steps it up a notch with liquid latex!

  • 5

    Toilet Paper + Elmer's Glue

    Ghetto Version!

    This little girl uses glue instead of liquid latex. I predict she'll have problems with it sticking once it starts to dry (likely it will start to flake off her and fall off half-way through the night). But maybe I'm wrong. I love that she doesn't require anything not already at her disposal. Great for making rotting flesh without liquid latex.