Maybe they needed to sell magazines. Maybe they misread their audience. Maybe they just wanted some boobies on the cover. I don't know, but a lot of people are asking WHY Kim Kardashian is on the cover of the most famous music magazine in the world! She's not a singer, or actress, or well, contributing much other than reality show drama! Did they run out of amazing artists to grace the cover of the infamous mag? Are they trying to cause a stir? We may never know about the stir, but there are DEFINITELY amazing artists they could put on the cover. Here's my list of 5 acts I'd rather see on the cover. Do you agree?



  • 1

    The Weeknd

    SOOOO talented! Songwriting, producing, singing, performing.  I can't believe he hasn't had a cover yet!

  • 2

    Cage the Elephant

    Hard rocking, hard working band. Been in the game for years, are amazingly talented, and rock the socks off their fans at EVERY show! They could use a cover.

  • 3

    Tori Kelly

    This newbie is taking the world by storm. Super-talented, sweet, and puts on one heck of a show!

  • 4

    Ed Sheeran

    He's like a one-man band. No he IS a one-man band. The guy can fill up a stadium and have you entranced with just him on the stage. That's cover-worthy

  • 5


    Even if it's just a photo of her trademark blond hair, this woman has written some of the biggest songs this side of 2000. Not only is she a talented song-writer, but she's got one heck of a singing voice herself.