There are a group of 49er fans that have started a Kickstarter page so they can call for the resignation of the teams owner Jed York. They are unhappy with personnel and player changes in this off season and want the owners head for what they think are bad decisions. The report I read said they want to raise around $89,000 to buy billboards in San Fransico to convince the city to take the team from Mr. York. The Kickstarter page says this about their goals:

These are our immediate goals for this project:

  • To raise money to buy a billboard in a prominent Bay Area location demanding Jed York resign and greater 49ers owner accountability to the Bay Area community and fan base.
  • To use the momentum and publicity generated by our project to promote a more robust public debate about the relationship between sports franchises and the communities that support them

As a fan of a team in the same division, I think they are acting childish, and are the very definition of "fair weather" fans. They eventually want the team to be taken from York and givin to shareholders like how Green Bay is set up. What they don't seem to realize is that, ownership of an NFL team can not be structured like that anymore. Green Bay was grandfathered in, but no other NFL team will ever be owned by the fans unless the NFL changes it's rules. That is very unlikely to ever happen.

The only way they will get their way, is for one super rich person in their group to buy the team directly from Jed York, but with only $2,000 raised so far it is even more unlikely then a rule change.