A lady woke up to 26 pounds of marijuana slamming through the roof on her car port. Reports say that Maya Donnelly first thought the noise she heard was thunder, but when she walked out to her car port she saw the huge hole in her car port. The hole was made by a huge 26 pound bag of cannabis with a street value of $10,000 that authorities think was accidently dropped by an aircraft smuggling drugs. The woman and her husband live just off the Mexico border near Nogales, Az.

The family is lucky that the package landed near their garage and not near their bedrooms. They had to pay about $500 in damages and get a new dog house but still feel lucky. People ask why they didn't sell the drugs Mrs. Donnelly said.

'Why did you call 911?'". "But how can you have a clear conscience, right? We could have made lots of home repairs with that."