It's that magical time of year again! Time to bust out the Christmas movies! Here's a list of the essential movies you need to watch. We've got everything from traditional Christmas films, to action movies set at Christmas time. There's something for everyone, so take a look! Did I miss something? Vote for your fave below! Merry Christmas and happy movie watching!

  • 1

    White Christmas

    This classic is how I kick off my holiday movie watching every year. It's got everything a Christmas movie needs: heart, singing, Bing Crosby, drama, and of course, SNOW!

  • 2

    The Holiday

    This is sure to become a holiday classic. Super-sweet romantic comedy that centers around two ladies who switch houses for the holidays to escape heartbreak, only to find new love in the strangest of ways! The cast chemistry is what makes this movie. Cuddle up with your honey and watch.

  • 3

    DIe Hard

    OK, this is NOT a Christmas movie in the tradidional sense, but it's set at Christmas, and it ROCKS! The first of the series is truly the best. Check it out and you'll have a machine gun too! Ho, Ho, Ho!

  • 4

    The Best Man Holiday

    This one is actually kind of sad, but it makes you think about and appreciate your family. Plus, the laughs make it worth the watch. If you haven't seen it, take a look. I think you'll enjoy!

  • 5


    What could be better than Bill Murray? Mean, Bill Murray as the crotchity Bob Cratchet who gets visited by three Christmas ghosts! This modern (as of the 80s) retelling of A Christmas Carol is an awesome film that should definitely become part of your Christmas repertoire! The ghost of Christmas future is legit.

  • 6

    Muppet Christmas Carol

    Along with Scrooged, Muppets telling the Christmas Carol story is AWESOME! And it reminds us of a time when Piggy and Kermie were still together.... sigh...

  • 7


    DO I even need to say why you should watch this? Didn't think so. Let's move on...

  • 8

    Trading Places

    FANTASTIC! Eddie Murphy at his finest, not to mention Dan Aykroyd! Again, not a "Christmas Movie" per se, but set at Christmas time, and is funny and heartwarming; the way a Christmas movie should be!

  • 9

    Nightmare Before Christmas

    Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? I say YES! Watch it both times of the year because it's a wonderful and original film that everyone can watch together. Love me some Jack Skellington!

  • 10

    Christmas Vacation

    Seriously though, don't need an into on this either. If you haven't seen it yet, and you're over the age of 9, shame on you! Just kidding. Sort of. Just go watch it...

  • 11

    MIracle on 34th Street

    This is as classic as they come. There are several versions. My fave is the Natalie Wood version. But whichever version you like, it's one you can't miss.

  • 12

    A Christmas Story

    Yes. Ok. TNT usually has the 24 hours of A Christmas Story marathon each year, but they have it for a reason. This is maybe THE most classic of Christmas films, and it's meant to be watched with commercials and all. Plus, it's great background on Christmas Eve and Christmas when you're cooking all day. Try it this year, and you'll see what I mean. Be careful not to shoot your eye out, though.