An international survey asked thousands of people from other countries what confused them most about America. The answers are HILARIOUS!

I once heard that people in 3rd World countries like Sudan, Ethiopia or Somalia they think everyone in America lives in a mansion and drives a Hummer. But when they're told Americans kiss their dogs on the mouth and some are so fat they have to roll around in scooters the Africans won't believe it. Can't be true.

Here are 10 such true facts that baffle people in other countries (Europeans particularly).

  • 1

    High School Pep Rallies

  • 2

    I could drive the distance from the most northern part of Scotland to the most southern part of Cornwall and still be in Texas. How is that possible?!

    You could make the same drive twice... and still be in Alaska! If you split Alaska in half, Texas would be the 3rd largest state in the US.

  • 3

    The legal drinking age being 21

    A person can drive a vehicle, own a business, own a house, have a mortgage, get married, have children and vote all before they can walk into a shop and buy a bottle of wine.

  • 4

    The size of your suvs and trucks

  • 5

    Cheescake Factory -- the portions man

  • 6

    Advertisements for medicine on TV

    I'm not going to ask my doctor about jack, I'm going to assume he's a well-educated professional who knows his stuff and will prescribe the correct drug accordingly.

  • 7

    Why do public bathrooms have a gap in the door for the toilet stall?

    I've never seen this in any other country. I mean I'm trying to pee here and everyone walking past the stall catches a glimpse.

  • 8

    You can actually greeting cards for things I didn't realize needed greeting cards.

    Happy going back to school/being single on Valentine's day/being friends/going for deployment/whatever. Who buys these cards? There must be a demand for them to exist. I mean, great sentiments and all, but I don't know why you need a physical card to say it.

    And how do people find these cards? Are there people who go, "Hey, Bob just got a cat! Let me search the cards section for a, "Congrats on being one step closer to crazy cat lady status" card! They don't have it? Then I'm messaging Hallmark to get them to make it!"

  • 9

    How affordable car insurance is for teenagers

  • 10

    Show someone getting ripped apart by demons, don't worry, it is just television. Show a nipple or some cheek and everyone loses it.