If you don't have time to drive around looking for cool stuff sitting on curbs, THIS is the page for you!

  • kpr.craigslist.org

    15 Bales of Straw

    Shoot arrows into it, make a corral for a bunny or guinea pig, throw dirt on top for a bike jump ramp, break them apart and use as mulch, make a pyramid for your dog to climb on, lay down as animal bedding and more!

  • kpr.craigslist.org

    Blue Couch

    Have you always wanted a porch couch as much as I have? Sit outdoors, look at the stars, listen to the neighbors fight, watch people walk down the street... maybe even sleep off some drinking when the weather gets warmer.

  • kpr.craigslist.org

    60'x12' Mobile Home

    Structurally sound? That means you could redo the electrical, plumbing and lay down new carpet for under $20,000. That's a bargain! Got a kid or parent you need to move out of your house? This is your solution.

  • 4

    Faux Leather Couch

    Throw a blanket over this baby and I'd put it in my living room right now.

  • 5

    Working Stove Range

    "Works but smells bad while baking"? That's not really a problem. Keep it on the back porch or maybe install it under a window.

  • 6

    Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffee Maker

    Single-cup fill is the only thing wrong with this beauty.

  • 7

    Fire Wood of Various Size

    This guy will deliver to your house for only $35!

  • 8

    SHARP-Brand Television

    The owner lost the remote. If you can find a match, this big boy is yours!

  • 9

    Washing Machine

    Owner is getting rid of it because it squeaks in agitation cycle. Person lives in Moses Lake.

  • 10

    Dell Optiplex GXa Pentium II 266mhz

    Comes with Office 2000 and Windows 98. Person lives in Ellensburg.